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2020 Cubic Catalogue, contemporary art, Youcanprint;

2018 Architecture series on display: Palatine Chapel ed. illustrata, youcanprint, photography;

2018 Architecture series on display: Castello della Zisa, ed. illustrata, youcanprint, photography;

2018 Andy Warhol, collage of an artist, youcanprint;

2015 Tindarys, ebook

2014 Il Murgo Furioso, my book (finalist for the Literary Prize "Il Murgo Gioiosano");

2013 Joyful Guard, the ghost town, my book, photography;

2008 Treatise "I marmi e la pittura", for the College of Surveyors of Messina.





The catalogue "Cubiche" illustrates some paintings by the Sicilian artist Filippo Puglia, and his experiences over the years. Cubics represent and tell moments of lived life. The daily and the emotions of the moment told with different lines of reading ranging from colors to shapes. Essential elements for reading the works. Each color, intense and bright, has its own importance as well as the combination of them. Style, now unmistakable that takes the footsteps of cubism, figurative abstractionism, color theory of Kandinskij and futurism, united in a unique and personal language that characterize the multifaceted Sicilian artist.



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Il Murgo Furioso

The furious wall is a literary work of social denunciation. in times of crisis and serious territorial problems, ephemeral topics are addressed in the institutions. The wall, icon of the joyous town, takes the floor and tells his companions, in an absurd meeting, his problems and his future ideas.


Finalist at the Literary Prize Il Murgo Gioiosano, he received critical acclaim.


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Andy Warhol, collage of an artist

The book "Andy Warhol, collage of an artist" describes with clarity and simplicity the fundamental features of the figure of a great artist of the last century, telling his life and artistic activity: his paintings, the motivations from which they were born and the techniques he used to make them, his cinematographic experiments and his photographic art.


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Photographic illustration.

Photographic stories of historical periods and architectural testimonies that ancient peoples have left on the territory in which they lived.

Cappella Palatina

The volume "La cappella palatina" is the first volume published in the series "Architettura in mostra". In it are described hints of the Arab-Norman architectural path in Sicily, of which the chapel is probably the greatest example. The author focuses mainly on the architecture of the chapel and its mosaics, describing with care details and less known curiosities. Let us remember, however, that this is a photographic book: in fact, more than words, it is through images that it communicates all its essence to the reader.


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Castello della Zisa

The photographic book "La Zisa" is the second volume of the series "Architecture on display". Through its pages we will visit virtually one of the symbols of the city of Palermo and Sicilian Arab-Norman architecture, already listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The photographs are accompanied by historical and architectural notes and the description of this beautiful castle unique in the world.


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