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T. 3395357546 - CF 92084320099

In order to facilitate the calculation of the artistic value of a work ofart, parameters are defined through coefficients that must be multiplied to thesize of the work, quantitative variant, and processed according to thequalitative variations, such as the reputation of the artist, the historicaland artistic interest of the work, the quality of the product and the materialused, the commitment and difficulty of realization, specialized publications,collective and personal exhibitions, awards and awards, and the auction value.

It is therefore through the interpretation of many variables and criteria,assigned the rating coefficient that is not an absolute value butconventionally recognized within the artistic panorama with the aim oforienting Buyers, Collectors, Investors, on the value and goodness of theArtistic Curriculum of a contemporary artist.

We proceed today to update the coefficient of evaluation of the Artist’sworks


on the basis of the new group and personal exhibitions, in the Art Roomsand awards, publications and new productions as attached and documented by theartist, which add to his artistic career a national value of high thickness andundisputed value.

With his Art, FILIPPO PUGLIA confirms to possess a huge wealth of artisticspirituality, unity to a deep professionalism, which transmits to all of usthrough his continuous production of works of art, always with intense researchof the subjects represented and in-depth study of the working materials, andtheir chromatic contents.

FILIPPO PUGLIA artist born in 1973, in a seasidetown in the province of Messina, dealing with design, scenography andphotography, telling through his passions, involving social life and humanity.He gets for his commitment multiple satisfactions, resulting in Awards andCertificates of Merit.

In his career he collaborates with newspapers ofhis region, but since he was a child he has always been fascinated by art andpainting, which he develops with his natural talent that combined with strengthand vitality character, realize his personal language ARTISTIC.

The final result of one of his works exalts theability of the sign and the chromatic sense, reaching to realizerepresentations that conquer observers and audiences of every generation andorigin.

The Cultural Association VARAGGIO ART throughits President Dott.Luigi Cerruti releases to the Artist FILIPPO PUGLIA anevaluation coefficient elaborated through the analysis of numerous qualitativeand quantitative variables and taken into account throughout his artistic pathand documented in annex.






Angelo Crespi, art critic

"Taking into account the number and type of personal exhibitions; thenumber of participations in collective exhibitions; the curatorship and thenumber and prestige of exhibitors in each individual event; the participationin exhibitions-market promoted by organizations; technical and aesthetic skillsdemonstrated; museum acquisitions of a private type; publications; reviews; theextent of feedback in the web and traditional press.

the coefficient (2,9) is determined.

To quote the Artist andcalculate the value or price of each of his works. (2020)" 

Stefania Magistri, artist

Darkness in the Soul

"From red toblue... I see an inner growth, a transition from "animalesque"instincts (Red) to nobler instincts (Blue); a passage of the earth’s energiesto higher energies. Only one mouth remains because what becomes verb isTrue". (2022) 

Vito Natoli, poet andart teacher

"In the faces thepoetry of being, the drama that returns. You are great, with your message ofhope". (2022) 


Plinio Perilli, art critic

"Filippo takes the great characters of the showand changes them, reinterprets them, varies them, deconstructs them.

Pain and Impotence seems like one of your bestachievements, of great poetry, with these hands that you can not touch, andthen the red and black. All dark with this red cut with these purple hands, thewhite that is the light, the chasm from where we must ascend.

Feeling Black has a very valuable hand game. The charmof these colors, of the hands, the one at the top, then this game, thesebackgrounds are harsh changes. The character with these warm colors that theneventually wins orange, orange, an ocher. In the background, however, theweight of the dark color, the drama that is in the air.

Human misunderstanding is just beautiful!

You found your own style, something like this I wouldrecognize immediately, without knowing it is yours, this is from Puglia. Thoseeyes, those colors I see as a signature.

In art, in the arts is all about finding your ownfigure, musical, poetic, artistic. These dark eyes in the night, then the lipsthat you do not know, can welcome.

It is one of the best things you have done, of course,cleanliness, it is very dry, you have no smudges. You put two eyes up and twolips down, two opposite.

Miro and the Venus of Animals is delicious, verybeautiful, beautiful even the colors. It’s nice that you found your own style.You found synthesis, both formal and expressive at the same time. You foundyour form but you also found expressiveness. So, in the end, by contaminatingthese two results you were able to create your own style, your own form, whichwas not easy with all these animals, but also love, everyday life. Enlarged youcan feel the pasty, almost wrinkled, pimply was once said.

Filippo, you deconstruct and the color is a sparringpartner for you.

In a couple of works you moved me". (2022) 


Plinio Perilli, art critic

"Works that impressed me a lot, because you havecompared yourself to great actresses. But also in the Uncultivated Wisdom thereis a beautiful game of eyes, prisms and triangles. Uncultured Wisdom is acoincidence oppositorum, it is a stimulus.

This idea of yours of the deformation of space youbring also in the portraiture.

You are strange, you have found your own style, your figure that for art iseverything". (2022) 

Vito Natoli, poet and art teacher

On the painting "Miro and the Venus of Animals"

Amuri all’animali

Idda venerava tuttil’animali,

puru la jatta chifafcevanu ‘i fusa.

Idda jncheva tutti lipurtusa,

Mirò fici l’occhiu e lufilu

chi ‘ntraseva ‘ntal’anima di intra,

‘ncuddava pezzi ‘i carta

e i culurava forti.

li lazzi ruspigghiavanuli morti

jnchevanu so smorfi lanatura.

Filippu faci sagumisurriali

ma lu culuri sunnu inmovimentu

c’è un ‘ncuertu di cartae di suli,

si muovunu ‘i pupazzi ennì talianu

Si strinciunu e sibacianu cu amuri.

Alliffa jatta stu pilutisu,

bisazza china inchi lucafisu.

Su chini li figuri suopiri d’ati

dacci amuri all’animalie so parti…

Vito Natoli tribute to Filippo, to his art @reg . 2021 

Ella Ciulla, poet and critic

Madonna del Soccorso: Female figure wrapped in a blue cloak (feminineprinciple, peace and harmony) and ruby red (Ardent love, passion of Christ)surmounted by a white sun (metaphysical) or a Moon that is radiant light andguide in the night. (2021) 

Lucia Russo, musician and poet

Emotions on the painting Madonna del Soccorso

"I see hands holding the moon, which in symbolism takes on a meaningof rebirth linked to woman. The encounter triggers a spark and generates lightthat reflects and gives life to the dots or small lines that, for me, representhumans and behind as a cup that collects everything". (2021) 


Elisabetta Ternullo, poet

Emotions on the painting Madonna del Soccorso

"The veins of the world, and mine, flow dense downwards and, withoutLight, would plunge into darkness, into dark limbo. But there is Light in thewomb, cared for by the blue mantle of a Humble Mother who is also born from theround, perfect, radiating nucleus that she carries in her womb.

I wish I could love like you do.

I would like to have in my soul a little of that blue maternal mantle (thatI see in the "crescent" a little hidden, behind the scenes...)

Thank you Filippo". (2021) 

Alessia Guarraci, poet

On the painting "Madonna del Soccorso"

"Observing thepainting "Madonna del Soccorso" and looking at it with the eyes ofthe heart, we see the sinuous bottle in the center that takes the shape of thebody of the Madonna having the Host as head. The mantle is half red as to representthe Magdalene and half blue as the veil of Mary. The head is the heart, thecenter of the world, the central point of the painting, where there is theheart of Mary with her son Jesus. From this point depart the three raysrepresenting the trinity. Behind you can see the half moon world, allsurrounded by the starry Universe". (2021) 

Elisabetta Ternullo,poet

On the painting"Rininciazione"

"Filippo, in your paintings, the faces are "divided" by twocolors, as if they were two aspects of the same truth. Arousing differentemotions, not only to different people, but also to the same person whoapproaches the same work at different times, is the maximum an artist can askfor. Giving emotions, to receive multiple emotions. In the work"Renunciation" I see in my face the truths that belong to me, I seeabove red and blue, fire and water, cure and disease (even if I don’t know whatit is), I see a white aura on my head, as I could still be innocent or I couldbe mysterious. I don’t know why, I impersonate myself. I see the painting as ifI was me. I’m outside, I know, but it’s a very nice feeling. Thank you!" 

Sarà spiccare il volodal niente.
Provare il vuoto e,
ugualmente, sentire
la pienezza traboccare
dai calici della Vita.
Sarà essere, oltre laparvenza.
Tregua, tra le tanteverità del mio volto.
Appartenenza tra acqua efuoco.
Fusione di cura emalattia:
Luce, in questo fondonero che percorro ogni notte insoluta,
tra l'incertezza e ildubbio:
Come se niente, inquesto vuoto,
offuscasse il sensopieno della Bellezza.
Come se tutto, in questocaos,
potesse essere unpassaggio
per arrivare a Te.


Sunday, 24 January 2021 

Angela Oddo, painter

"I really like yourpaintings, because they are the ones who tell me: "Introduce me toeveryone, exalts the beauty of the soul". Relax, that the figures ofPhilip want to talk to you, listen to what they are going to say. " Relaxor women, and dream, inside the blue of the evening. If there is any tear Igive you joy with my sunny yellow. No longer black at your steps, I give youpeace with my red, like the dancing sparks of a flame. I knock in your heart. Iam alive, I am the eternal art". (2021) 

Maria TeresaPrestigiacomo, art critic

"For a photograph,perfect from the technical point of view, in which the silence evokes"Echoes of infinity" by Mario Venuti and invites to the meditation ofa slow time that gave way to reflection and contemplation of nature and that "Infinity"leopardianothat beyond the hedge knows how to see the world". (2020) 

Ella Ciulla, poet andcritic

Refined and eclecticartist, Filippo Puglia incorporates in his works feeling, soul, rhythm, melody,metaphors, images, allusions, lived life: every secret of his soul is revealed.And it is a revealing bearer of a poetic anthropology, that is, of a specificvision of contemporary man.

It is the vision of aman who in everything expresses the motions of the soul, not as an abstract,conceptual, philosophical or theological entity, not as a solipsistic andintimate place for psychological outbursts, but as a place of habitation ofconsciousness, as an altar from which his artistic sensibility rises as a voiceof song.

The work of FilippoPuglia offers us many ideas of a perspective of existence that obeys aphilosophical call that wants to give a clear and precise message, showing thethousand facets of life with multiple semantic layers to underline how in thismodern era it is necessary to give a new value to the communicative trait offigurative and symbolic beauty forged over the centuries.

The skilful and accurateuse of shapes and colors sinks into the psychological turmoil to open invisiblespirals to an evocative silence. What boulder weighs on man? But torment is notthe parting: through earthly experience Man learns to know his destiny. Andevery day he plays his game. (2020)


Maria Concetta Giorgi, art critic

Life has different shades, faces and colors for each type of culturerepresented. The painting has bright colors and subjects united to embody aunique possible humanity that can not be distinguished. The faces of life aremany, each has its own peculiarity; it is necessary to accept the differences,whether they are sweet or angular. What matters is that the eyes have the sameintensity, that the looks exceed any possible distance between men.

The painter highlights the importance of a singleidentical soul within different bodies. (2020) 


Sandro Serradifalco, art critic

"Theselection of one of his works on the occasion of the International Prize Cityof New York proves the value of his stylistic path, a valid example ofexpressive preciousness. I can only welcome your significant presence in thisevent steeped in history". (2020) 

Sandro Serradifalco, artcritic

For having been able to enhance the eternal beauty of art in the sign ofcontinuity and research. This award aims to highlight, through its strongexpressive capacity, the evolution of the international art scene testifying tothe relevance of its work over time and history. His creativity has been ableto communicate in a personal way his vision of the world in a constant dialoguebetween ancient and modern. (2019) 

Marco Rebuzzi, art critic

The works of the artist Filippo Puglia are all united by an intense andsincere interest in art and the infinite possibilities that this medium offers,to the possible experiments that an eclectic and lively artist like him cantry. His artistic talent has several facets but the first that you notice,looking at his works, is the creative imagination and the ability tocommunicate through an intense use of color. In Filippo Puglia the tonalstructures are intense and see the color spread in full-bodied brushstrokeswith eccentric backgrounds. A painting is his, proof of a deep stylistic andaesthetic research, aimed at celebrating aesthetics and concept. (2018) 

Paolo Levi, art critic

Beyond the image, in hispaintings there is always a thought, a feeling, an intimate emotion, a dream, amotion of the soul. The works of Filippo Puglia reveal the great inventivenessand creativity with which his soul is endowed. In fact, the images that theartist proposes on canvas are emphasized by chromatic scales that help toexpress his message. All this is synonymous with talent, continuous researchand focused pictorial objectives. (2018) 


Vittorio Sgarbi, artcritic

"The history of acollection is a story of occasions, of encounters, of discoveries, intersectswith curiosity, research, studies.

The presence of his work in the collection of prints and drawings of mycollection attests to the validity of his stylistic commitment". (2018)